Abitare For Food & Beverage
Serving Up Durability and Unique Aesthetic

Inviting, invigorating or insta-worthy-Abitare can help realise the aesthetic, functional and quality requirement of any F&B space. From commercial-certified vinyl for high-traffic eateries to luxurious rugs and window treatments for high-end establishments; we’ve got it covered.

Most importantly, most of our products come with high ease-of-maintenance that is key to any F&B business. Examples are wash-able wallcoverings, anti-bacteria treated vinyl with resilience wear layer and 100% waterproof SPC flooring, which are all suited for demanding environments

Easy-to-Maintain, & Durable Products
Custom-made, Bespoke Product
End-to-End Installation Management
Stain-resistant & Waterproof Products
Workmanship & Product Warranties